Workstation 101 has organized “Startup Carnival 2019” on 28th December. The goal of this event was to bring promising startups under one roof to share their thoughts and interact with other startups. In this Carnival Startups got chance to share their Business Ideas and to meet with potential Investors. The Startup Carnival, 2019 was a great opportunity for startups to meet with Investors and share their thoughts, Ideas with the different Business Tycoons and Business GURU’s of the Country. There was a session where the Business Mentors shared Ideas and gave proper directions to the Startups. There was also opportunity for the Shortlisted Startups to get intensive time with the mentors to get effective knowledge and proper directions. Further the Startups can meet the potential Investors and get proper Initiatives to carry out their passion. The best Startup Business was awarded with a 3 months’ Workstation 101 Dedicated desk for up to 3 people to use it for their business purposes. This Carnival was a great platform for startups to showcase their Ideas and skills to potential investors and gain significant directions in order to develop and operate their business. They got a chance to assess their business ideas from the insights of the judges. The honorable judges present at the carnival were, Naheem Mahtab, Senior Lecturer & Coordinator, Department of Accounting, School of Business, IUB; Abdul Mubin Ahmed, a VSLI industry expert; Mohammed Mahbubur Rahman, Managing Director, Finnovation Ltd.; SM Altaf Hossain, Chairman, One Zero Zero Ltd.; Zahid Mamun, Owner & CTO, Ultrafast Information & Technology. During the carnival the participants got chance to talk with Sanjida Khandoker, Founder of 2 hour Job, Sajid Amit – Director, Center for Enterprise and Society; Director, EMBA Program at ULAB; Senior Advisor, Bangladesh,, Ghulam Samdani Don – Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany, Ayman Sadiq – Founder of 10 Minute School; Naveed Mahbub, Standup Comedian; Rubaiyath Sarwar – Founder of Desperately Seeking Development Experts (DSDE), Hasan Benaul Islam - Founder and Story Coach of "Benaul the Piper" and more.

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